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Day of half cooldowns
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joining k & m

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3 months 1 week ago #1 by Anonymous
joining k & m was created by Anonymous
hello i would like to join k & m.


currently 20 att - def, 6 magic. 2 human- 1 inorganic.

I will be a fighter for invasions and the like. will be leveling up really fast once i start mob hunting if i can get logged back on..server issue for a couple days, it let me back on for 1 day now i'm having issues logging in again. can only log in on my phone ,and i can't access the channel 6 to tell them lol.

I would also like to pk some later on. i have checked out the guild friendlies already.

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3 months 6 days ago #2 by Ant
Replied by Ant on topic joining k & m
Nice try.

I see you are very experienced EL player as you are sure how fast you would be levelling. I see you marked your main stats to show perfectly it's new char was created. So I also understand that "only phone access" is the result of the EL moderator ban, so you need one of the thousands openvpn programs/servers to be out of the EL ban lists or any other server side marks. Ah, sure ! Don't tell anything on ch 6 at all ! You will be recognized easily there...


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