1. Gain Magic lvl 50 to have ability cast all spells  DONE
  2. Gain Magic lvl 55 to have 100% success at Life Drain spell DONE
  3. Gain Defense lvl 111 not to be attacked by desert and forest chims DONE
  4. Gain Combat Level to be ignored by mountain chims (a/d 112/113) DONE
  5. Discuss to Radu to allow Summ use 5 free pps DONE (success)
  6. Get 60 AP DONE
  7. Gain Eng lvl 50 DONE
  8. Get from Redeemer less breakages perk DONE
  9. Get from Redeemer more harv exp perk DONE
  10. Get from Redeemer less toads poison perk DONE
  11. Discuss to VV the saving stone/Vix exchange, about profits of Luxin quest DONE (profitable)
  12. Decide what nexuses to do next: artificial, inorganic or vegetal DONE (artificial one)
  13. Buy the 2nd artificial nexus DONE
  14. Buy and read all sufficient books of arti 2 nexus DONE (except magic archery: no interest) 
  15. Buy the 5th inorganic nexus to harvest titanium ore DONE
  16. Buy the 6th inorganic nexus to harvest dung, yew and amber DONE
  17. Read all mining and smelting books of 6th inorg metals and minerals DONE
  18. Buy 1st human nexus to wear stronger weapon and undroppable armor DONE
  19. Buy 2nd human nexus to wear stronger weapon and undroppable armor DONE
  20. Buy 5 whistles of brown horses from EL Shop by 6th Feb DONE
  21. Buy Marksman XBow to test SS perk mostly at night and in caves DONE (noticable effect)
  22. Get 10 pps to remove Antisocial perk DONE
  23. Get 7 pps to get IGitD perk back DONE
  24. Get mob tokens of all types at least by one DONE
  25. Complete Novac fighting quest DONE
  26. Read all base tailoring books (fabric and dyes) DONE
  27. Read the scarves book, level tailoring a bit (38) to make all of them DONE
  28. Read the tricorn book, level tailoring a bit (41) to make all of them DONE
  29. Read the buccaneer hat book, level tailoring a bit (43) to make all of them DONE
  30. Prepare to Tailor day: make the ingredients for 1500 orange dyes (1432/1500) DONE
  31. Read the pants making book and get 51 lvl to make the first item required by Luxin DONE
  32. 10K WEs project as VV requested DONE (2/11K EWE)
  33. One more 10K WEs project for VV DONE (1/11K EWE)
  34. Complete on Stakhanov day the Xaquelina harvest quest DONE
  35. Complete on Stakhanov day the Elle Harvest tutorial quest DONE
  36. Get Harvest lvl 105 to harv dung at nice rate DONE
  37. Gain Magic lvl 60 to harm/LD harder DONE
  38. Gain Combat Level to be ignored by Giant (a/d 128/128) DONE
  39. Buy the 3rd arti nexus to make arrow/bolt heads, steel chains and iron helmets DONE
  40. Buy the 3th human nexus to wear steel shield and titaium short sword DONE
  41. Gain Ranging lvl 40 DONE
  42. Get 5 pps to get Sharp Shooter perk DONE
  43. Gain Manuf lvl 50 to get more valuable tasks from Daritha DONE
  44. Gain Tailor lvl 59 to make brown robe DONE
  45. Gain Tailor lvl 64 to make brown robe skirt DONE
  46. Gain Tailor lvl 67 to make Green Tunic, read the proper book also DONE
  47. Get 2 sets to make Arrow/bolt head mold on recycle day DONE (no extra mold got)
  48. Gain Tailor lvl 71 to make mage clothers, read the proper book DONE
  49. Create custom Fur Cloak look by myself (Simple test is working, applied locally)
  50. Get 5 pps to get Carefuly Guy perk DONE
  51. Get 7 pps to get Mirror Skin perk DONE
  52. Prepare to take Antisocial perk to get the rest of desired positive perks DONE
  53. Put 4 pps to Coordination attribute DONE
  54. Long road to remove Antisocial perk again REJECTED
  55. Gain Tailor lvl 74 to make special hood and tunic DONE
  56. The 111 Seridium Bars Project (ready for now: 44 bars (44 used), 0 ores, 0 congs, 0 EaEs, 0 MtEs)
  57. Buy the 4th arti nexus to make tit shorts, eng mines and wards DONE
  58. Read the artificial nexus 3th and 4th books DONE (except enchanted archery)
  59. Get from Redeemer more strong mines and caltropes perk DONE
  60. Moving 3rd human nexus to Magic on recon day DONE (the stone was not saved)
  61. Buy 2nd Magic nexus to have ability make medallions DONE
  62. Read all books of telerings crafting DONE
  63. Read all medallion crafting books DONE
  64. Complete the tailor tutorial quest DONE
  65. Get the comfortable lvls to farm fcw DONE
  66. It's time to bring back my summoning skill (got animal nexus 6) DONE
  67. The Redeemer Advanced Summoner perk DONE
  68. The summoner perk to make bunnies more levelled DONE
  69. Be perfect ass to get 1200+ EMU DONE
  70. With threads making get 76th crafting lvl DONE
  71. Make white wizards hats on tai days to get 100 tai lvl (93 lvl for now)
  72. Read the book to make Big Books DONE
  73. The last nexus category: vegetal (6 of 6) DONE
  74. To use manuf powerups - get 5th arti nexus DONE
  75. Read useful books to make items of animal 6, arti 5 and vegetal 5-6 DONE (except 2 bronze items - no profit)
  76. Read all the fighting books DONE
  77. Get 3rd magic nexus to make some more rings DONE
  78. Find an interesting way to train ranging skill out of arena
  79. Get the 5th lvl of phoenix. Check the potions rate consuming. (got the lvl, no test was yet)
  80. Get Evanescence perk (3 pps of 5 got)