Dung, poison caltrops, etc cannot be stored in regular storage but there is a way to store it in hazardous storage from any storage in EL.

  1. You need a partner.  This can be a guildmate, an alt or just another player you trust.
  2. Both need to trade with storage bot and be within tradeable storage of each other.
  3. Trade the items to character that is going to help you.  If the character's emu is less than yours then it may take several trades.
  4. Fill your entire inventory with non stackable items; no slots can be open.  Potions of mana work well being one emu but pickaxes and armor work.  Any items work but you cannot be holding any items which your partner will be trading you.
  5. Trade your partner.  Items will go to storage as long as you have storage slots.
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary.


This technique (which I was told by a MOD) is a workaround for storage trade bug but it works for haz items too.