Tatu in Crystal Caverns [106,16] (Desert Pines, C1) offers daily job to deliver 600 quartz to another npc. To do it you need 1200+ EMU that means you need be the levelled mule to keep the quartz and have some space for creature food and rings (no spells available while shapeshifted) also. To take the quartz, become mule first - then accept the task. Also you'll get the name of NPC needed to deliver to. The possible destinations (with the rewards) are:

  • Derzelas (Irsis Magic Shop [304,126]): 4k potion exp + 60 vials or 1 vial mold
  • Crusher (Arius, near bridge [144,123]): 4k eng exp + 300 gc
  • Shantir (Glacmor Magic Shop [301,47]): 4k alch exp + 500 gc

To use less creature foods it's recommended to turn to mule right next to the server time of cf consuming occured (it doesn't depend on the moment when player used mule glyph). For example last weeks it was on 7th and 37th second. It wasn't changed for a while. May be a server restart could. Using this trick the cf consuming is such:

  • Irsis: Dung Teleporter -> Irsis - 2 cf
  • Arius: Dung Teleporter -> Irsis -> Arius (via boat) - 5 cf
  • Glacmor: Glacmor ring - 3 cf

UPD #1: Yes, after the server reboot was, the times of creature food consuming shifted to the 23th / 53th sec. And are kept so.

UPD #2: Several times 2 cf was enough for the glacmor trip, but I had to be very fast on every step and be lucky any map mobs don't block the way, so don't count on it. Other ways have enough time to get the destination, so no need to run like hell.

UPD #3: Appeared, you need no be a mule at the moment to give the quartz to the destination NPC. It means you can first use "Use" cursor (chosen with the corresponding icon f the EL client GUI) to prevent more creature food consuming, then - confirm the delivery via NPC dialog window. This manner 2 cf is enough to get Glacmor NPC.

UPD #4: Appeared, using Hurquin ring and the boats ->Melinis ->Idaloran ->Irinveron ->Arius consumes 4 cf to get Crusher. (Another path via Zirakinbar appeared to be few longer, so 5 cf used.) Most probably, using IotF ring with the secret path to Portal Room also requires less cf to get Arius NPC.

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