K&M Christmas Lottery 2021

Welcome to our website about our Christmas lottery 2021, the rules are simple and as follows.

  • Everyone who was online and  in guild and not thrown out of guild by the council in the last 60 days before the 4th advent takes part.
  • I did do my best to make sure that only 1 character per player is in the list if not, only 1 character is allowed to get the prize, and the player who got it can choose which one.
  • If i elimitated someone from the list accidently as alt and was on in the 60 days up to 4th advent (it might have happend, I have spare prizes waiting for you)
  • At 8pm German time all names that where ordered before will be marked and i will then select the function of Google Spreadsheet to randomize the Column GuildMember,
  • If Vinoveritas gets any of the top 5 prizes, the button will pressed again till he is not the recipient of the 5 biggest prizes, 
  • Every Guildmember then get the Prizes that stands next to their name.
  • All Prizes must be collected till 60 days after 22nd December so 20th Febuary 2022