So you want to join the Holy Guild of Knights & Merchants and want to know what to do?

Welcome then. Please make sure you read our Rules and Stipulations below...

Our Code of Conduct.

1 Be an honorable and trustworthy player: this means
1.1 Keep your word when you give it.
1.2 Do not beg for stuff and expect it all for free.
1.3 Do not claim exclusive rights at multiple spawns if many people want to do daily or quest.
1.4 Do not start verbal fights with others.
1.5 and of course - follow the K&M rules.

This Code is the way we want to be seen outside the guild, to minimise trouble and anger. We see it as something to strive for as our guild has a good reputation within Eternal Lands and we look to maintain that.

So far nothing bothering you? Well then, here comes the ruleset.


1. No bag-jumping (when someone dies to mob while training), spawn-serping or making trouble.

2. Any player posted in disputes on the EL forum MAY be kicked from the guild depending on the circumstances. It will be determined by what the offense was. And by Guild Master and Council.

3. Do not take anyone’s harvest bag if they tele off the bag. Taking a Death bag is NOT bag-jumping when gained in combat.

4. Try to return Death-bags, If you have tried and cannot find the owner then you MAY keep the bag.

5. Guild Colors

BLUE = Mutual Allies - Treat the same as our own guildies and assist them wherever possible.
GREEN = Non-Aggression Pact - Are not full ally but have good relations, so defend an ally before a NAP.
YELLOW/DEFAULT = Neutrals are only attacked at your own discretion (ie. not if personal friendships are involved).
ORANGE = Are PK guilds and they may possibly attack you, you may attack them as you see fit.
RED = Enemy guild, you can attack at your own will (in a guild fight you must defend your guildie/ally)
BROWN = Attack all, brod and serp at your discretion.

6. Any problems MUST be reported to the Guild Council. Do not #IG guilds and try to solve it yourself. ONLY Council Members are to deal with problems. Tell a Council Member your point of view and they will represent your argument in #IG. We try to solve problems like adults with diplomacy. Do not PM insults to other players, bad manners are not acceptable and may result in you being kicked from the guild.

* ANYONE flaming in #ig will have rank reduced to 5 until the Council have dealt with the matter. ANY arguing within the guild MUST be taken to PM. If this does not happen then Council will reduce rank to 4 to do this, #GM is not the place for angry arguments. If your asked to take it PM, do so immediately or your rank will be dropped and always remember that often it is best to agree to disagree. All your ranking will be restored once the matter is resolved.

7. Try to trade amongst the guild first.

8. Do NOT go into another guild's guild map unless you are invited. Its plain bad manners to do so. If you wander in by accident, please leave and if anyone is there also apologize (however it is unlikely that you will ever enter a guild map by mistake).

9. Obey all Eternal Lands rules.

10. Minimum age 18 (or exceptions can be made if you are known to be a mature young man/lady). If your offended by adult talk, then don’t join. All new members are on a 2 week trail basis to see if you fit into the guild and if you like us. Usually the Guild Council will decide, sometimes we will ask all the members for their opinion. You will then be informed if your staying in the guild, but out of fairness to all, no votes will be divulged.

11. Attack at your own discretion and always with honor, no whining or flaming. If you think a guild or player should be red-tagged or equivilent, please bring this up with a Council Member.

12. All alts MUST be declared, it's fine if they are not in the guild, but we MUST know about them.


1. Negotiate the terms of your fight with the other player (PVP or FF).

2. No Brod allowed unless the guild is brown-listed.

3. Do not attack peeps doing PVP. It is lame and will get you posted in disputes. This INCLUDES people doing magic training unless they are BROWN tagged. No attacking peeps who are on daily or harv unless they are brown tagged.
4. If your on a PK map except KF and no drop arenas expect to lose items if you are killed. Carry a rostogol stone if your on a drop map or arena.

5. Do not whine or complain when you die and don’t flame. Keep your dignity as much as possible. Mages and engineers are part of PK too, cast MI and/or DO NOT TAKE ONE PERK or take it at your own risk. *Engineers can and do mine all maps

Breaking of the Rules will be noticed and actions be debated inside the Guild Council, or in extreme cases may lead to a removal of a member outside the guild by a Guild Council member.

If you join you need to agree to follow these rules.

Still want to join?

Well then do 1 of the following.

  • Contact the Guild in game and see if a Council Member is online.
  • Leave a Application Request in the Forum with your ingame name.
  • After all is approved type into the console  following command
#join_guild Holy Knights & Merchants

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