Game Time: 1: 49

Normal Day

Just an ordinary day
INVASION: Wizzy: C2 caves invasion in 20mins. No caps
1532 Monsters left

Welcome to the Website from the HOLY Guild of Knights and Merchants (K&M)

We are one of the most active guilds in the game Eternal Lands, a Massive Online Player Game that is Free to play.


We are an Honorable Guild, that follows a stricter code line then the rules of the game. Meaning we do not allow scamming or Bag jumping or Fighting with unsuspecting Players. Which Rules we have set up ourself you can see in the Rules set that is published in the Main Section.

The Guild is set up into 6 ranks.

  • Proletarian Members (Rank 6)
  • Citizens (Rank 10)
  • Knights and Merchants (Rank 15)
  • Nobel's (Rank 18)
  • Advisors to Council (Rank 19)
  • Guild Council (Rank 19)

For More inifo go to Joining K&M

The Head of our Council is right now VinoVeritas.