Guild Election 2020

The Guild Election starts now till end of March 1st.

The Result of the 6th Guild Election (End September to October 1st)


Ok Guildies the 7th Guild Election is over. 18 induvidual Votes where cast. and the results are in.

I Conratulate the new and the Re-Elected members of the council which should find together today to declare who will be the new Head of council and who the 2 Vice Heads.

Name Votes
VinoVeritas 18
Cynny 17
Toni 17
Ant 16
Thorian 16
Biker_Boy 15
Los_Control 12
Rosabel 9
Dreamyn 6



Special thanks to the Members of the former Board of Guild Council, that stepped down, Especially the Vice Council Head Elywynn who in this long and trying period that saw many active members leave did an most excellent job and I am sure everyone is sad to see her stepping down.  She as it is the case with every other Former Council member when active, will be a Member of the Council Advisory, which gives her the possibility to help out whenever she feels the need to do so. I am also suggesting to the Guild Council that she be named a HONOURABLE MASTER and ELDER of our guild, which would make her the second Guild Member to  get that Title.

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