Holy Guild of Knights and Merchants

Is a fun guild for ALL skills with NO troublemakers/scammers etc.

So much for the short description of our Guild.

While the name of this Guild indicates that this guild is a fighters guild, where lots of Player versus player fights etc is done, nothing could be father from the truth.

This guild is made to give everyone out of every type of playing style a home.

Main Focus of this guild is to build a foundation for people to have clean fun in this game. Meaning, we do not like people who try to scam other people or make others people life to hell (without a good reason). No Harrassing or Intense Flaming. But Cooperation helpful people, nice projects done together thats the basis for this guild.

As fun cannot be dictated, be encourage people to take part in projects but we do not force people to parcipitate. 

The Basis of this 70+ members guild is the Guild Council, a small group of most trusted people, who get to make decicions as who to let in, and out. whose guild our Guild allies themself's and who we see as enemy, and who does the diplomathy between this and other guilds if need for it arrises.