As you might already know, Radu added new items to the game, tokens, which can occasionally be found on killed creatures, 

Available tokens:

Male Orc (dropped by armed orcs too) you need 1 token and 5 ICD removal stones for a random XP giver.

Female Orc (dropped by armed orcs too) Use the fem orc token on the hot air balloon in Arius and it brings you to a new map (Newbie Island),  the map will have invasions.

Wood Sprite (Description: Heals you a bit, pretty reusable too)

Female Goblin gives you random arrows,  50pk or 20 special arrows

Male Goblin gives you random resaerch points when you read a book, seems to be between 3k and 4k research points, reuseable

Rabbit (white or brown) (Description: You can eat it, it provides some food, and it is usually reusable. And you can eat it on any day :) - has random food amount in about 45-55 range and like toads could be used any time and also has the upper bound at 55 with no Big Belly. The chance to be consumed is vary: one - in more than 30, other - at the first use.

Spider (dropped by small and large spiders) Used on an opponent, it will paralyze the opponent, some said for 3 round, some said for 5 rounds.

Black Panther Makes you invisible for 2 minutes.

Brownie (Description: Does some damage to your opponent, reusable.)

Skeleton When in your inventory & used - while you also have 10 (identical) Perk Removal Stones in your inventory - you are left with 1 Random Item Giver in exchange. Currently, the 10 stones you must have are of 1 kind of the following: Antisocial, Gelatine Bones, Hellspawn or Monster Magnetism.

Beaver (Description: Restores full mana, random chance of reuse.)

Rat (Description: It gives you some action points. Sometimes it is reusable.) - there is an info it's like rabbit tokens (the same amounts) with the only difference: it restores AP, not food.

Ogre (Description: Lets you ride your horses for longer, non-reusable.) Actually it rises the horses steps left by around 700-900. It gives the message like: You gained 915 steps and you have 3051 steps left.

Snake New reward from Redeemer, he can now take you to Hydro for a fee (15 snake tokens)

Tiger Dropped by both, normal and white tigers. One use only: it has a chance to reduce armor up to -5. Affect on mobs only in the combat, can stack. Also Radu told: "the tiger token takes less defense on higher level mobs"