Game Time: 4: 39

Today is a special day:

Day of positivity
INVASION: Mortos: Aeth Aelfan is about to be over ran, progressive invasion soon
333 Monsters left

As you might already know, Radu added new items to the game, tokens, which can occasionally be found on killed creatures, 

Available tokens:

Male Orc (dropped by armed orcs too) you need 1 token and 5 ICD removal stones for a random XP giver.

Female Orc (dropped by armed orcs too) Use the fem orc token on the hot air balloon in Arius and it brings you to a new map (Newbie Island),  the map will have invasions.

Wood Sprite (Description: Heals you a bit, pretty reusable too)

Female Goblin gives you random arrows,  50pk or 20 special arrows

Male Goblin gives you random resaerch points when you read a book, seems to be between 3k and 4k research points, reuseable

Rabbit (white or brown) (Description: You can eat it, it provides some food, and it is usually reusable. And you can eat it on any day :) - has random food amount in about 45-55 range and like toads could be used any time and also has the upper bound at 55 with no Big Belly. The chance to be consumed is vary: one - in more than 30, other - at the first use.

Spider (dropped by small and large spiders) Used on an opponent, it will paralyze the opponent, some said for 3 round, some said for 5 rounds.

Black Panther Makes you invisible for 2 minutes.

Brownie (Description: Does some damage to your opponent, reusable.)

Skeleton When in your inventory & used - while you also have 10 (identical) Perk Removal Stones in your inventory - you are left with 1 Random Item Giver in exchange. Currently, the 10 stones you must have are of 1 kind of the following: Antisocial, Gelatine Bones, Hellspawn or Monster Magnetism.

Beaver (Description: Restores full mana, random chance of reuse.)

Rat (Description: It gives you some action points. Sometimes it is reusable.) - there is an info it's like rabbit tokens (the same amounts) with the only difference: it restores AP, not food.

Ogre (Description: Lets you ride your horses for longer, non-reusable.) Actually it rises the horses steps left by around 700-900. It gives the message like: You gained 915 steps and you have 3051 steps left.

Snake New reward from Redeemer, he can now take you to Hydro for a fee (15 snake tokens)

Tiger Dropped by both, normal and white tigers. One use only: it has a chance to reduce armor up to -5. Affect on mobs only in the combat, can stack. Also Radu told: "the tiger token takes less defense on higher level mobs"