Supplies for Maia (daily quest)

Start: NPC Maia - WS 170,102

Reward: * varying SUM xp (dependent on your own SUM levels) and some gc

Items needed: varying


    1. Talk to Maia in WS 170,102
    2. She will tell you, that she needs supplies and you have to deliver
        certain items to her.


Item                       Reward (xp)                                               Reward (gc)
100 rat tails                      3000xp SUM +   100xp per SUM level      100gc
 100 beaver furs                3000xp SUM +   110xp per SUM level      110gc   
 100 fox furs                      3000xp SUM +   120xp per SUM level      110gc
 100 wolf furs                    3000xp SUM +   140xp per SUM level      130gc
 100 deer antlers               3000xp SUM +   180xp per SUM level      150gc
  80 green snake skins     3000xp SUM +   200xp per SUM level      160gc
  80 red snake skins         3000xp SUM +   220xp per SUM level      180gc
  80 brown snake skins    3000xp SUM +   250xp per SUM level       200gc
  80 skunk furs                 3000xp SUM +   280xp per SUM level       220gc
  80 puma furs                  3000xp SUM +   310xp per SUM level       240gc
  50 racoon furs                3000xp SUM +   360xp per SUM level       250gc

  50 feran horn                   3000xp SUM+   380xp per SUM level       260gc
  70 bear furs                    3000xp SUM +   400xp per SUM level       260gc
  70 polar bear furs           3000xp SUM +   480xp per SUM level       300gc
  60 snow leopard furs      3000xp SUM +   520xp per SUM level      320gc
  60 leopard furs                3000xp SUM +   560xp per SUM level      340gc
  50 black panther furs      3000xp SUM +   600xp per SUM level       360gc
  60 white tiger furs          3000xp SUM +   640xp per SUM level       380gc
  60 tiger furs                    3000xp SUM +   680xp per SUM level       400gc
  50 hawk feathers            3000xp SUM +   720xp per SUM level       380gc
  50 falcon feathers           3000xp SUM +   750xp per SUM level       410gc
  40 cockatrice feathers     3000xp SUM +   820xp per SUM level       450gc
  50 white rabbit furs         3000xp SUM +  1000xp per SUM level      3500gc
   1 red dragon scale         3000xp SUM + 1000xp per SUM level      1000gc

  #20 Leonard furs              3000xp SUM + 1000xp per level  + marksman's crossbow

The task was changed to:

     5 leonard furs              3000xp SUM + 1000xp per SUM level      5000gc

 5 little dragon blue scales 3000xp SUM + 1000xp per SUM level     10000gc

    3. Simply have the required items in storage, talk to her again and

        collect your reward.