Tatu in CC (DP) [106,16] wants you to deliver some goods.

1 Items needed:

Mule glyph/mule level for at least 1200 EMU.
Creature food (just take what you think is safe, or even fill up the rest of the EMU)
Teleport rings (depending on the customer. You can take all that are possible to do the quest very fast)

2 Steps

1) Go to Tatu and choose option "Need help?"
2) She will ask you to have 1200 EMU (shapeshift to mule before talking. as for the mule lvl, you do the math on your own EMU.)
3) You will get 600 quartz in inventory
4) Deliver the "package" to the appropriate client:

2.1 NPC (Map) : Reward

Shantir (Glacmor) : 4k alc xp + 500gc
Derzelas (Irsis) : 4k pot xp + 60 vials
Crusher (Arius) : 4k eng xp + 300gc