You need eng lvl 25 to start it, and Drinking a Potion of Engineering does not help

Go to Nordcarn 142,69, and enter the house (left hand house of the two) and talk to Minel (in a back corner of the house, by the fire place), he will ask you to go see one of his costumers.

1.1 Quests

NPC Item Location xp gc
King Gondric (VotD gold mine 254,276) 10 pois. caltrops around the table 255,254 120xp per ENG level 400gc
Arbella (TG mag school 27,248) 5 invisi rem. wards Library 220xp per ENG level 1200gc
Buni (NC 6,29) 20 caltrops SKF (at exit to NC) 230xp per ENG level 300gc
Nevina (DP 48,345) 20 snares Elandria temple (DP 75,329) 230xp per ENG level 500gc
Apala (PV 118,22) 4 RC mines PV cave (317,283) 340xp per ENG level 1500gc
Zenith (Naralik catacombs 86,72) 5 MI rem. Wards Naralik catacombs (57,76) 400xp per ENG level 1500gc
Talon (WS 230,421 inside) 10 medium mines WS maze exit (WS 540,415) 450xp per ENG level 500gc
Shantir (Glac mag shop) 10 small mines outside mag shop (301,48) 450xp per ENG level 500gc
Sloan (PL 130,93) 5 invisi rem. wards PL (130,93) 480xp per ENG level 2500gc
Flynt (PV 366,277) 10 small mines Thelinor (at exit to PV) 500xp per ENG level 200gc