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Today is a special day:

Day of Alfred Nobel
INVASION: Mortos: Aeth Aelfan is about to be over ran, progressive invasion soon
220 Monsters left

New red dragon
« on: June 11, 2015, 03:36:29 am »
  • South Redmoon Island  [273,308] enter cave (thanks to wuffzel)
  • [116,132] go upstair
(cold place)
  • Mount of Sorrow  [129,93] enter cave
  • An abandoned and cold tunnel. [76,162] enter cave
(hot place)
(You cannot cast spells here!)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [478,139]. Use with [Death Essence] (thanks to stivy)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [356,63]. Use with [Orange Dye] (thanks to stivy and Noah)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [457,30]. Use with [Potion of Spirit Restoration] (thanks to SunriseCoder and Krishna)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [545,25]. Use with [Ring of Kusamura]
  • An abandoned and hot path. [506,124]. Use with [Scissor] (thanks to Demitry's Scissor)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [594,192]. Use with [Phoenix Feather] (thanks to Demitry's active muling)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [601,305]. Use with [Failure predictor](thanks to ViolateR)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [721,252]. Use with [Arrow/bolt head] (thanks to ViolateR)
  • An abandoned and hot path. [719,85]. Use with [Gold Coins]