Master of Rings quest

In TG Magic School, the Big Lecture Room, there is the Professor Lustra she gives you a quest where she needs you to use a lot of Rings in front of her.

The Ring Order is

C1 Rings
 Naralik, White Stone, Isla Prima, Desert Pines, Portland , Valley of the Dwarves and Morcraven Marsh.

C2 rings  Porta Anitora, Idaloran, Bethel, Sedicolis, Palon Vertas, Kusamura, Egratia, Iscarlith, Irinveron, Hulda, Trassian, Isle of the Forgotten, imbroglio Islands, Hurquin, Glacmor, Emerald Valley, South Redmoon and Melinis.

You have to go back to Lustra every time after you used and she tells you next one to use.

Reward: 40k magic exp, 30k att, 30k def experience.