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3 weeks 23 hours ago - 3 weeks 4 hours ago #1 by Anonymous
Invasioning was created by Anonymous
Hello :)

I told Mirt that I was visiting with NEW guild to learn about fighting in invasions. She asked me to teach her what I have learned. Cher and Wizzy are very good teachers and I will share with you all what I have learned. I still have a lot to learn and still drop bricks, but here are the basics.

There is no fork (TINF) perk is a must. Having 8 monsters on you at 1 time is murder. This is a big help to keep you alive.

I glow is a great perk and worth the pp. There are times when it is wise to turn it off. If you have 1 poly and 7 other monsters on you and you keep switching from the poly to something else. Turn off glow to keep from killing the other monsters. Then you can focus on killing the poly. Change the scenario, you have 1 poly and 7 other monsters on you and you see giants or dragons start showing up. With 8 monsters on you the giants or dragons cannot attack you. Turn off glow and finish killing the poly. Once that is done, diss/tele to safety.

Other perks like Eva are nice to have, but you can use pots for them until you can buy the perk. I took HOS harvester of sorrows to get glow. It isn’t the end of the world and Redeemers harvesting power ups stop tele nexus to NCA.

Tele rings are as important as diss rings. Always keep a tele ring to a safe map on you. You may not have the mana to T2P. I have an item list for invasion equipment. It saves time.

Have enough HE and SR in proper per portions. It’s a waste of space to have too many SR for the HE you have or not enough SR for your the amount of HE you are carrying. (mana draining AE aside). Don’t count on being able to MD monsters, it’s a bonus if you can. Here is a good link to help you figure it out SR/HE ammounts:

Weapons: Glowy serp is nice, but not a must. R2 is good, rad ti long good second. Halberds are great weapons. Some monsters like Poly, MB, and MILF have fire/cold protection, so the glowy swords are not much help. Coca and bula don’t have any protections. I believe casty and bricker have random protection.

Armor is whatever works for you. I am trying to break the red dragon set, so I wear that to everything.

When fighting: I turn on instance mode. I have health/mana numbers and bars on. (right click your name to turn them on/off). I like having my name/numbers up high so I can see them easier. Other people I’ve talked with put their names lower. Depends on what works for you. I like the banner background turned on. I can see my health/mana better. Turn off floating messages. The numbers floating up can be distracting or hide your health numbers.

I have just started turning off creature names, but leaving heath points on. I don’t need to see its name. The only trouble monsters are Poly (15000 hp), Coca (30000 hp), breakers (900 hp). Being able to see their health lets you know what you are fighting. Giants and Nasty Giants are really no different in fighting so it doesn’t matter.

If you need to, make an invasion check list in your notes. It helps you remember things.

Pay attention to the maps, some maps have areas where only a few monsters can attack you at once. If you can work with a team, you can go a lot longer with a group then solo’ing it.

Above all, know when you’ve reached your limit. No shame in saying this is above you.

Good luck!
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3 weeks 23 hours ago #2 by RipTide
Replied by RipTide on topic Invasioning
Hi, this is Riptide who wrote that. I'm not sure how it logged me out or removed my name but it did. :)
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3 weeks 4 hours ago - 3 weeks 4 hours ago #3 by vinoveritas
Replied by vinoveritas on topic Invasioning
While i agree there is no fork is a great perk if you fight in instances against monsters with your a/d or just a bit lower as your a/d (or a bit higher) i do not think its a must.

But if you do not have it it is a must to know your limits and flee if to many creatues are on you

Otherwise its a sound article

In Vino Veritas,
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3 weeks 3 hours ago #4 by Ant
Replied by Ant on topic Invasioning
Hi, Rip ! Thanks for the article, it was nice effort to numerate all features that are important for participating in invasions. Your detail description to change user interface while invasions (player/mob banner above it) is important also. But...

But in extract I can conclude that:
  • if you have no TINF perk, then go away
  • if you have no dragon set, then go away
  • if you have no ubber weapon, then go away

Is it really true ? Or where is the edge when it becomes true ?
Can you name the invasions are good for those who haven't such requirements ?
Be close to God is OK, but it's not always possible. So can you add some levels or attribute values as more clear requirements ?

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2 weeks 6 days ago #5 by RipTide
Replied by RipTide on topic Invasioning
You can fight very well around the outside edges of an invasion without TINF. I did for a long time. You can make a nice bit of gcs this way. In today's NRM invasion, staying up by the SRM entrance and only picking off monsters that crossed the bridge is safer way of fighting. In Mel you can fight on the water side very well, just t2r over the wall and slowly work toward the Theli entrance. Other maps are like this.

You don't need dragon armor to fight. Tit armor works very well and is affordable.

As for a weapon, most people use a halberd. I did a search and you can get them for under 40k gcs, that's cheap.

I did a lot of fighting before I got any pro perks or weapons. I wore my ti plate until I broke it for the quest.

Start small and work your way into what is comfortable. I joke that I am a reformed mixer. If I can do it, anyone can. It's all about what's fun to you. Right now, this is my fun. I am beyond bored with mixing/harvesting.

Good luck!!
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